The Web Interface#

If you visit https://git.rz.tu-bs.de/ for the first time you will see a welcome page with some options to create a new project or browse public projects. If you already created some projects of your own you will see them listed here.

Create a new project#

To see and use most of the git functionlaity we have to create a new project. for the first overview we choose to create a project from a template and in choose “Sample GitLab project” on the following site. Now we only have to choose a name for our new project and we are done.


Interactive part with an overview of the webinterface and its functionality

Hands-On Session#

Part I: Working in your own project#

  • Create a new project (without using a template) for a pizza recipe

  • In the Web IDE: Create a text file containing a first draft of a recipe (for an example, see below)

  • Try to modify your file and commit your changes (several times) and look at the changes in the web interface

  • Download your file, edit it locally (with a text editor) and upload it using the web interface

  • Create a branch for a different recipe idea and change your recipe

Part II: Working together in one project#

  • One of each group: If not already done change your project settings to “public” (or invite the members of your group to the private project)

  • Now everyone can make changes to the pizza recipe! Try to change the file and commit your changes! Decide if you want to create a new branch or commit it directly to the master branch. This might create some merging conflicts at some point. We will look into this at more detail later.

Part III: Fork other projects to include your own ideas#

  • If you just want to use the basic recipe from another project and work on it you can fork projects. This creates a “copy” in your own repository and you can do anything with it (depending on the license!)

  • Access each others projects and create a fork of one of the, in your own repository

  • Do some changes to your fork and work with it as if it was your own (it now is!)

  • If you want to include your changes into the original project you can now create a pull-request.

Pizza Example#


  • Flour

  • Yeast

  • Water

  • Salt


  • Tomatoes

  • Cheese